Chicken Salad and Social Security

I was making chicken salad this week and it had for me a unique likeness to Social Security – you may be thinking I have lost my mind, but stay with me. Most everyone puts mayonnaise in their chicken salad, but the other ingredients are a mile long, depending on your favorite recipe. For me, I love almonds, green grapes, green onions, celery and many different spices.

This is the case with Social Security. Through our series of articles and seminars, we are trying to educate the public on the many options you actually have. We have been truly blessed with so many clients from our area, but I can’t help but think of those that think this is a joke or some kind of a scam. They are missing out on such a better income stream throughout retirement and aren’t willing to investigate the differences in benefit readily available to them for the asking.

Social Security is indeed very complicated. And it is interesting that people think the best they could possibly do is wait until 70….not true!! If you don’t implement one of the many claiming strategies available to everyone, you are going to short-change yourself on maximizing your retirement.

The formulas are complex… can’t come up with these options with pencil and paper. Sophisticated software is needed…..and on top of that, you have to know the rules and regulations to dig for further options that the software doesn’t consider. That is because life happens…..we take into consideration health issues, your desires, your monetary needs, and software cannot do that.

Back to the chicken salad…..some of these additional ingredients you may be missing is Restricted Application, File and Suspend, Retroactive benefits, Lump Sum Provision, and Deemed Filing just to name a few. Situations with Disability Benefits, Family Benefits, Widow Benefits, Divorced, WEP and GPO get much more involved and complex. This benefit is for the rest of your life….take it seriously.

Contact for more information; next seminar is September 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Brandon library….seating is limited so call 601-954-0699 to reserve your seat.

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