Are you Ready to File? Social Security Questions that Need Answers

1. If married, who should file first?
2. Should we both just wait until age 70 to file?
3. 30% (down from 45% because people are becoming informed) of the population take their benefits age 62 – why should I not follow suit?
4. Since Delayed Retirement Credits are 8% per year, should I wait to draw by Social Security and use other assets first?
5. Is the age 66/70 strategy best for me and my family?
6. If widowed, should I draw by benefit first and then take my Survivor Benefit later? If so, at what age and are their reductions to my benefit?
7. How will the Earnings Limitations affect my benefit?
8. If divorced, and single, can I draw off my ex-spouse? Should I take by benefit early and his/hers later?
9. Can we change claiming strategies mid-stream?
10. Do I have to wait until age 70 if I don’t file at 66?
11. How will Social Security affect my taxes?
12. Can my family draw benefits from my disability benefit?
13. Do those drawing Disability Benefits get auxiliary benefits as well?
14. What is Deemed Filing and do I fall into that category?
15. What is a claiming strategy and do I qualify?
16. What is a spousal boost?
17. What is my break-even point?
18. What is the difference in filing for my benefit at age 65 vs. age 66?
19. If I sign up for my benefits and change my mind, do I have options?
20.Can I really improve my Survivor Benefit?
21. If I suspend my benefit, will other auxiliary benefits be suspended as well?
22. What if I am widowed, but also was married before for 10 years – who do I file benefits from or just take mine?
23. I am raising a grandchild – does this child have benefits if I file for Social Security?
24. I have been told that Family Benefit maximum is about 185% of the primary benefit amount – is this factual and how is it calculated?
25. What is a Restricted Application and how can it improve my benefit amount through life expectancy?

Here is a partial list of some of the areas we are challenged with each day at Pillars. If you don’t know the answers to the above questions and how they apply to your situation, please wait to file.
Call Pillars LLC at 601-954-0699 (DIAL before you FILE) and Roy and Diane will help you with these decisions and show you how to maximize your benefit and accomplish your personal goals. They are both National Social Security Advisors and Roy is a former CPA of 40+ years. We are in Corinth but service clients in all 50 states.

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