Who We Are

Pillars, LLC, is dedicated to helping you get the most from your Social Security retirement benefit. Timing is critical in this decision. The complexity of the current Social Security laws creates a maze for the consumer to navigate.

You will come up with a decision, but will it be the right decision, or the most beneficial decision for you and your family? One of the keys for a happier retirement is maximizing your Social Security benefits.

Our Team







Roy is a former CPA of 40 years and Diane’s background is in Administration.  Roy is a graduate of Mississippi State University and Diane is a graduate of Florida State University.  Roy and Diane are National Social Security Advisors, only two of several NSSA qualified advisors in Mississippi. They have two children and four grandchildren, all living in Mississippi.

As a team, our desire is to see everyone claim for Social Security benefits at the right time, using the appropriate claiming strategies, so that you will maximize your retirement potential.