• Why not use the online calculator?

    Because a calculator does not look at the entire picture. It cannot calculate health concerns, emotions, your assets, or your goals. An interview process is necessary to determine your unique set of circumstances and to apply the rules and regulations for the best outcome for you and your family. Also, online calculators have logic flaws and gaps that you would not be aware of.

  • Why not just rely on the Social Security office?

    Because they can only give you information about your benefit, not advice about strategies or other options you may or may not have. If the questions are not answered before your filing, you will get your benefits, but not the best combination of strategies that will improve your income stream. In fact, the Social Security office does not know if you are married, divorced or widowed until you give them that information. So, if you don’t know the questions to ask, or what information is required for a best result in filing, you are not going to get it.

  • Why not let my accountant give me this advice?

    We do seminars for CPA firms and accountants. Their plates are full with the tax code. There is not one question on the CPA exam about Social Security, so not an area they are interested in researching. We are a valuable asset to these professionals and this area of expertise is outsourced to Pillars, LLC. Social Security is our only area of practice….we are the experts. We also have a team of veteran Social Security Administrators that can help us with the complex situations needing additional research.

  • How do we access your services?

    Very easy and user friendly. Go to our website at pillarsllc.com and fill out the application form. You can pay online with PayPal or you can print the application form and mail to us; we will invoice you if necessary. We will call to verify all information and to get to know you before the report is completed. A follow-up interview is included with our service. Our services are guaranteed for a full year of year after report completion if any changes occur in your situation or circumstances.

  • What is the cost for your services?

    A couples report is $250 as is Divorced or Widowed. A singles report is $200.