SS Statement


  1. You need to file online with to set up an online account. You will then be able to print out your latest reports.
  2. Copy these reports and compare them with your W-2 statements for identification of mistakes.
  3. These benefits are an estimate based on the fact that you will be earning about the same amount of income until your Full Retirement Age.
  4. The listed amounts do not reflect any COLA (cost of living adjustments), so will be slightly understated.
  5. These statements do not reflect any claiming strategies that can maximize your benefit amount.
  6. These statements do not reflect any reductions in benefit for Federal pensions or public pensions.


  1. 40 credits are needed to qualify – averages out to 10 years of part-time work.
  2. Each credit is worth $1300 income.(2017)
  3. You can earn a maximum of 4 credits per year.
  4. Your benefit is based on the top 35 years of earnings.
  5. You must either visit a local office to file for benefits, or file online – they will not contact you.