Is Your Financial Advisor or CPA Equipped to Answer Social Security Questions

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The answer to that question is an easy one…..probably not. And in their defense, they have too many other areas of expertise they need to be concerned about to learn 2,738 new rules and regulations from the Social Security Administration. In fact, we have done many seminars for CPA firms and Financial Planners. As continued cutbacks are made to the Social Security program, the government is providing less support to applicants, and people are left to research their own options prior to applying. Representatives in local Social Security offices cannot offer case specific advice….they can offer information on your benefit, but this leaves many applicants at risk for making costly errors that stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Roy and I are both NSSA certified advisors, and Roy is a retired CPA. NSSA (National Social Security Advisors) are recognized nationally for their standard of competent and ethical Social Security planning. We are required to take a national exam, attend webinars, and must complete CPE hours to keep our licensure current. We have also been published nationally in 4 state CPA journals and are seen in local newspapers throughout Mississippi.

Lukewarm advice is almost as bad as no advice at all. People do not give you bad advice with ill intent, because it does not benefit them financially; they are just sharing what they think they know to be fact. They just do not know the rules and regulations, or the exceptions to the rules; remember Social Security is basically a permanent decision. We often joke in our seminars about cleaning up all the messes that are created at the golf course…..we are not joking about this because it happens!!

Some questions that need to be answered:

What is the best way to claim my benefit? Will my spouse be impacted if I receive benefits early? Why is timing critical? Can I still work and collect Social Security? How can I improve the Survivor Benefit? How will the breakeven point affect me? What if I have earnings that I did not pay SS tax on….how will this affect me? What if there is a large age difference between husband and wife? What if there are dependent children? And the list goes on and on…………

We don’t do Medicare, we don’t do disability, we don’t sell financial products, we don’t sell books as seen in many of the advertisers on the internet……..all we do is Social Security and we are proud of the business we have built – through hard work and a desire to assist people to get the most SS benefit they are entitled to claim. More than 90% of Social Security recipients do not maximize their benefit because they do not understand their options and are intimidated by the myriad of rules and options. The fee for our reports pales the total lifetime improvement you will see in your benefit.

Trust us….this is a BIG DEAL!! Contact us at 601-954-0699 or or visit our website at Call us if your business would be interested in a seminar…..great way to assist your employees with accurate information. Check out our client testimonials on our webpage….real people and real success stories.