Social Security Review before Filing

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Each and every day, we are confronted with choices that can alter our course of life.  Some of these are short term situations, but many are long term situations that we cannot go back and change.  The same with Social Security and the choice you make about your benefit.  Many times, a quick decision cannot be changed.  As we have stated, time after time in previous articles, do not take your Social Security claiming decision lightly….educate yourself and don’t second guess your decision.    For many of us, it is the cornerstone of our retirement roadmap and will determine our quality of life through retirement.

When reviewing your Social Security statement, you have what appears to be three choices….take your benefit at 62 (early), 66 or 67 (standard) or 70 (maximum).  This is just simply, not the case.  There are literally hundreds of different ways to file for your benefit and this is why you need a customized report.  The customized report will provide you with the following:

  1. Charts and graphs showing you exactly how much you, or you and your wife can expect from your benefit from the year you file until your chosen life expectancy.  There will be no questions about how much income will be received….it is all there in black and white.  Because we cannot determine the Cost of Living increase each year, the numbers will actually be a little understated, which is a good thing!!  
  2. It will provide you with claiming strategies such as Restricted and Spousal Boost.  This will give you additional options for retirement so you can plan when to retire, or when to reduce your income level so your benefit will not be affected.
  3. The report will show you your benefit calculation, based on the age you decide to retire….so you can strategically plan for your future without second guessing your decision.  It is hard to put a price tag on peace of mind.
  4. It will show you what the surviving spouse benefit will be depending on the claiming decision you choose.  This amount can dramatically change with the right claiming decision.
  5. It will provide you with many different age scenarios, both for husband and wife, or for a single, widowed or divorced individual, so you can determine what is best for your situation and for your future.
  6. It will show you how to combine your options, to optimize your benefit as a couple.
  7. It will be customized with your information – no generic information from a book that only gives examples.  Anyone can put numbers into a computer program, but will it be a report designed for you or just a generic guess???  
  8. It can show you how to continue working at a reduced salary, collect a benefit and also provide your spouse with a spousal benefit, if that situation exists.
  9. Privacy is key – we do not need your social security number to complete a report, credit card numbers or bank account information.
  10. It will provide you with the asset value of your social security benefit.
  11. The report is simple to understand, and a follow-up interview is provided to make sure you completely understand the material that has been provided.

If you are between the ages of 60-65, please consider a customized report.  It will get you headed in the right direction when making retirement choices.  Remember,  Social Security is a lifetime annuity,  is inflation protected, and has the right of survivorship.  Call us at Pillars, LLC,  601-954-0699 to order your customized report.   Or your can email us at or for more information.  Our website is