Roy and Diane Thompson, offer a service that is second to none!  While I am a one-time practicing CPA and one that has relied on a financial advisor the last several years, the advice and counsel from the Thompson team was an eye-opener. After receiving their advice, my wife and I went right to the Social Security office and had an application for benefits completed and submitted.  In fact, the Thompson team had to correct come incorrect information we received from the Social Security representative.  You can’t go wrong using the special, high touch services offered by Roy and Diane.

Chuck and Jan Eldridge
Greensboro, GA

 I want to thank you for your help in analyzing our Social Security situation. Your knowledge of Social Security and the government’s administration of that program helped us make the best choices regarding the timing of receiving benefits. There is so much that the Social Security Administration does not tell anyone. Without your help, we would have been totally unaware of the spousal option which allowed me to continue working a few more years while drawing off my wife’s benefit.
Your knowledge and expertise are well worth the expense. Thank you SO MUCH!

John Mitchell, Corinth, MS

 Because I am nearing retirement age, I have spent quite a bit of time doing research on my options for drawing Social Security retirement benefits.

Recently I attended an informational session hosted locally by PILLARS and Cooley/Labas Financial Advisors. It was there that I learned about an option that I had never read about in my research …. and I was not even aware that I was eligible to choose that option.

I immediately made an appointment with PILLARS and they walked me through all my options and even helped me know the correct verbiage to use when I go to the SS office to file for my retirement benefits

Thank you, Diane and Roy, for showing me the best way to maximize my Social Security retirement benefits.

— Vicki Shirley, Corinth, MS

Our SS experience today was great, thanks to Diane, Roy, and the Pillars preparation they did leading up to today! They took all of the uncertainty out of the process and we are good to go!!!

— Elmer and Jan Hilker, Palmetto, Florida, September 2016

You and Diane really know your stuff, and you have been extremely patient with my onslaught of questions! … both thrilled that we now have a solid plan for collecting social security, and that it does not require that we wait until we both turn 70 (that was actually our tentative plan!).

— Ed H. Julius, CPA
Professor of Accounting
California Lutheran University

There is a lot more to social security benefits than we thought.  Roy and Diane Thompson know all the angles, and rules and regulations. My wife and I heard their presentation and immediately became clients. The information was detailed, but understandable. My wife and I can now see the specific benefit of waiting to retire at age 70+ in my case. Full retirement age is great for others, but don’t leave money on the table. As fast as the government changed things with the new Budget Law, they sent us an email explaining the possible effects on us. I’ve told all of my friends and relatives.

— Doug McKinnon – Bank Senior Vice President – Age 62, wife 60

Just a quick note of thanks for all your help. For what it’s worth, the financial planner was impressed with the amount of detail you provided …….she said it was the most she’d seen in a situation like OURS, so you may be hearing from her in the future.

— Ad and Donna Boyer, Ft. Myers, Florida

While I thought I was reasonably well informed as to my potential Social Security benefits, the services you provided introduced me to significant options of which I was not aware. As a direct result of the services you provided, I was able to immediately increase my family’s benefits. In addition, I also anticipate that my family will receive significantly more in the future.

— Danny A. Drake, Mockbee Hall & Drake, Attorneys at Law

Your services opened my eyes to the numerous possibilities for establishing an increased Social Security benefit for my and my wife. Thank you and God bless your service to others.

— Robin D. Nichols, Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, Financial Services Representative

During recent meetings with officers and employees of BankPlus, you provided valuable insight into the world of Social Security and the many options available to increase your benefits. The BankPlus Team has greatly benefited and we are excited to be adding an annual presentation to our Bank calendar.

— Dianne C. Pepper, SVP and Director of Human Resources