Welcome First Time Guests

For some, thinking about Social Security benefits, can be overwhelming, but actually the opposite should be true. You have worked your whole life, raised your family, been involved in your community and your church, and now it is your turn to relax and enjoy the benefits you deserve.

Pillars, LLC, is dedicated to helping you get the most from your Social Security retirement benefit. Timing is critical in this decision. The complexity of the Social Security laws (changed again on November 2, 2015) creates a maze for the consumer to navigate. You will come up with a decision, but will it be the right decision, or the most beneficial decision for you and your family? One of the keys for a content retirement is maximizing your Social Security benefit.

Roy and Diane are both National Social Security Advisors, and Roy is a former CPA for 40 years. As a team we are prepared to assist you with this critical decision. We have the best of software and years of experience to add to our comprehensive services.