What is a Customized Report?

A customized report provides you with a roadmap for your retirement. You will rest easy at night knowing that you have been educated, and had professional advice about your decision.

  1. This report provides charts and graphs showing you exactly how much your benefit will be throughout your estimated like expectancy.
  2. This report provides you with options so you can incorporate your other financial resources and make good decisions.
  3. This report will show you how to combine options with your spouse for maximization of benefit.
  4. This report is customized with your information….based on the information you give us during our interview.
  5. This report provides you with the asset value of your Social Security benefit.
  6. The report will show you how to maximize your Survivor benefit.
  7. A follow up interview is provided for clarity of information.

PRIVACY and SECURITY are key….we do not need your social security number to complete the report.

Why do I need this Report?

Every filing situation is unique. It is your story, based upon your top 35 years of earnings. Americans need to understand that deciding when to retire, and when to claim Social Security benefits do not have to occur at the same time. With the proper timing, some flexibility, and some strategic planning through a professional, knowledgeable regarding the rules and regulations, you can make a dramatic impact on your future retirement earnings.