Why You Need a Customized Report

As we have stated many times do not take your Social Security claiming decision lightly….educate yourself and don’t second guess your decision. For many of us, it is the cornerstone of our retirement roadmap and will determine our quality of life through retirement.

  1. The report provides charts and graphs showing you exactly how much you can expect from your benefit.
  2. The report will give you additional options for retirement.
  3. The report will show you your benefit calculation.
  4. The report will show you what the surviving spouse benefit will be depending on the claiming decision.
  5. The report will provide you with many different age scenarios.
  6. The report will show you how to combine your options, to optimize your benefit as a couple.
  7. The report will be customized with your information – no generic information from a book that only gives examples.
  8. The report can show you how to continue working at a reduced salary and collect a benefit.
  9. Privacy is key – we do not need your social security number to complete a report.
  10. The report will provide you with the asset value of your social security benefit.
  11. The report is simple to understand, and a follow-up interview is provided to make sure you completely understand the material.
  12. If you are between the ages of 61-70, please consider a customized report. Remember, Social Security is a lifetime annuity, is inflation protected, and has the right of survivorship.