Will it be there for me?

One of the biggest doubts in America today is whether or not Social Security will be available to people approaching retirement age. Mistakes are made because of this question, that cost the taxpayer literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Social Security surplus will disappear by 2033 (“The 2013 OASDI Trustees Report”). Therefore, beginning in 2033, Social Security will possibly only pay out 75% of benefits unless changes to the current system are implemented
  • Social Security cannot operate in the red, by law.
  • Therefore, beginning in 2033, SS can only pay out 75% of benefits.
  • Potential changes could be – moving the Full Retirement age from 67 to 70, all earnings could be subject to SS tax, means testing, annual earning test to include all income, decrease the percentage for Delayed Retirement Credits, and delay eligibility from 62 to age 64.


2019 Social Security Trustees Report:Benefits paid in 2018 – $989 billion Surplus in 2018 – $3 billion vs. a projected deficit of $2 billion

Because of the lowered unemployment rates and more SS taxes being paid into the system, the original projected deficit has improved from 2034 to 2035.  With improvement in economy, this will only continue to increase.